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I’ll set up a tent and tabletop display at various shows and fairs throughout the year. Click on the link to the PDF document below to obtain the latest schedule of shows I’ll be at so you can plan to visit, drop off a project, or pick up
a finished job from me. This schedule will change, so check back regularly for the most up-to-date list.

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Coming Soon!
The Old Dominion
Oyster Home Store

Old Dominion Oyster Restorations will soon offer a variety of beautiful woodgrained wall plates.  Accent your garage, study, man cave, kitchen, recreation room, or wherever you prefer with these exquisite plates. Various patterns and sizes in stock will soon be available on this site, so please check back soon, or call 571.442.0625 for more information.


chevy dash

Restored Items for Sale

Old Dominion Oyster Restorations carries a standing inventory of dashboards, garnish moldings, and other restored pieces for sale. This list will change periodically as items are sold and as I restore new pieces, so bookmark this Web page and routinely check the latest listing of what’s for sale. Who knows, you might see something you need for your current restoration project already completed here! And let’s say you see two restored window garnish moldings for sale here, but need the rest of your set woodgrained, simply contact me for an estimate to complete the remaining portion of your project. Click on the link to the PDF document below to obtain the latest inventory.

List of Restored Items for Sale

Before and After

The following pictures show how Old Dominion Oyster Restorations can greatly enhance the interior of your car with woodgrained restoration or accentuate the exterior with airbrushed detailing on chrome and stainless steel pieces.

Garnish Molding with
the Curly Maple Grain
in a 1938 Dodge

garnish molding before

garnish molding after

1938 Buick Trunk Badge

buick trunk badge before

buick trunk badge after