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The Woodgraining Process

Woodgraining simulates the look of wood on non-wood surfaces. I use the factory original process to apply the woodgrain onto the surface of an interior automotive part. This is the same technique used by many car manufacturers from the 1920s through the
early 1950s.

The procedure I employ to attain a concours-quality finish includes the following steps:

  1. media blasting the parts to bare metal;

  2. sanding;

  3. applying an etching primer;

  4. pit filling and light sanding;

  5. applying a high build primer;

  6. applying two coats of the appropriate
    base color;

  7. applying the appropriate woodgrain;

  8. applying at least four urethane clear coats and wet sanding between each; and

  9. buffing with a light compound to achieve
    the final clear, wet look of the product.


1941 Ford Super Deluxe Dashboard
1941 Ford Super Deluxe Dashboard

Services Offered

Old Dominion Oyster Restorations provides woodgraining services for antique automobile parts on any make or model from the 1920s through the early
1950s. These parts include dashboards, window garnish moldings, or any
other interior item.

The woodgrain and base color of the piece I restore will match the original
pattern and color based on the year, make and model of your car, unless you specify otherwise.

In addition to woodgraining, I detail stainless steel and chrome pieces applying
the appropriate color with an airbrush to produce a professional, show quality finish. This detailing could be on hubcaps, grilles, or any interior and exterior trim
of the car.

Restoration of a 1950 Chevrolet Truck Grille

1950 Chevy Truck Grill Before


1950 Chevy Truck Grill After


Stock or Custom

Stock or custom services? The answer
is Old Dominion Oyster Restorations
will provide both at a concours quality level. If you’re keeping your car stock,
I’ll work with you to ensure that original specifications, such as color or grain,
are used on your pieces. If you’d like to customize your items, I can do that too, because it ultimately depends on what
you prefer for your ride. An example of
a customized project completed by
Old Dominion Oyster Restorations is shown below.

Customized Console for a 1965 Buick Gran Sport

1965 Buick GS Console Before Picture

1965 Buick GS Console AfterAfter

Customized Dashboard Inserts for a 1973 Dodge Charger

1973 Dodge Charger Dashboard Insert

Stock Restoration of 1948 Dodge Glovebox Door with '46-'48 Dodge Woodgrain Pattern and Airbrushed Detailing of the Lettering Within the Chrome Trim

1948 Dodge Glovebox Door